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Beautiful Pergola Solutions in Townsville

At Townsville Carpenters, we have personalized outdoor structures to help you build an attractive and welcoming outdoor living room. Our custom pergolas add to the charm of your home and garden by providing an open-air experience.

A professionally built pergola will provide shade and a sense of indoor privacy and allows you to enjoy your natural surroundings. A pergola will also connect to your outdoor living room, allowing you to dine, lounge, or entertain family and friends.

A pergola can be placed over a balcony, walkway, driveway, pool deck, or even in the middle of your yard. The roof portion of the building, supported by the cross, is left exposed and does not have a roof. On the other hand, few residents choose a pergola that can be fixed and locked to the side of the house.

They come in a variety of forms, heights, and fabrics, as well as many unique features to remember. The right team will assist you in sorting through all of the choices and come up with a pergola concept that suits your vision while staying under your budget.


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Having an additional pergola in your backyard adds a degree of elegance to every backyard gathering. This exquisitely made statement material is an excellent addition to every patio or living space! Few pergolas also provide cover for your porch, which is ideal for hot summer days. We can mount a kit from a retailer or create something completely custom and one-of-a-kind from scratch.

Attached Pergola

The attached pergolas are sponsored by your house and placed over your deck or patio. Attached pergolas directly affixed to an external wall link indoor and outdoor living spaces and make it easy to switch between them.

Freestanding Pergola

Free-standing pergolas do not need the protection of an external wall. They can therefore be placed anywhere in your yard. For example, this option can shield an outdoor seating area, a hammock, or shade-loving plants from the light.

Pergolas are the best outdoor living room for some privacy and shade. Remember that a pergola is a roofed open-air building. It may either be detached from your house or attached to it.

We’ll show you how to integrate our knowledge into your current design or how they could function as part of a remodel. We have the experience and tools you need to feel confident about this kind of long-term investment. Whether you like a traditional cedar pergola nestled in your wildflower garden or a contemporary metal pergola for a modern and dignified upgraded look to your swimming pool. Our pergolas have stood the test of time and will continue to offer fun for years to come.

A new pergola may be the perfect upgrade to your home and yard this year, whether you’re dining on a hot summer day or just sitting in the shade on a sultry afternoon. To learn more about our Pergolas, give us a call today and set an appointment.